Balloon Dogs

Balloon Care


The best environment for your balloons is; to be indoors, at normal room temperature and away from intense heat (radiators) and direct sunlight.

Please be aware of the following:

Temperature – If your balloon is exposed to too much heat, the helium will expand causing the balloon to pop.

Very cool environments may cause the helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of the balloon.

Sunlight – In addition to the effects of temperature; exposure to sunlight (either direct sunlight or through windows) can cause the balloon to oxidise, becoming cloudy in appearance.

Air conditioning and wind– A constant breeze passing around a balloon will increase the speed at which helium molecules escape through the wall of the balloon, resulting in reduced float time – therefore try to keep balloons away from air vents and breezy environments where possible.

Ceilings – Take care if releasing your balloons to float on ceilings; static and invisible fibres on ceilings can cause balloons to pop.


We only ever use high quality balloons. In the unlikely event that a balloon is defect 

  • client advises Fiesta Party on the day the problem occurs

  • the defective balloon(s) are returned to store.

  • If you accidently pop them we can replace at a cost.

Smart Tips​   -  Use Don’t let go

  •  1. “Please secure me with a weight.”

  •  2. “Please don’t let me fly into the air and become litter— I don’t want to get trapped in a tree or on power lines.”

  • 3. “I love kids. Young children with balloons should always be monitored.” Children under eight (8) years of age can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.

  •  4. “If I’m deflated or popped, properly discard me.”

  • 5. “Despite the funny voice helium can give you, it should never be inhaled.”